Tuesday, February 17, 2015


So I have been thinking that I should start a blog for some time now.  Up until now, I have used my social media accounts for passing on tidbits about web security issues, my proud moments as a father, insights into life and my Christian walk, etc., etc.

The plan for this blog is to provide short and concise articles that fall in to a few broad categories:
  1. Web Security Issues
    I subscribe to A LOT of technical emailing lists.  When I come across an issue that affects the web population at large, I will post a summary of the threat, the best known way to counter-act it, and links to other relevant resources.
  2. Technology
    I will be posting notes and brief tutorials on things I learn regarding the technologies I work/play with or what ever I am interested in at the time.  Mostly these are just notes to my future self so I don't have to rediscover things later, but hopefully they will be of use to others as well.  Typically they will be about PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Linux, * least that is what I am into now.
  3. Personal
    Some of my posts will be about my personal life, including my thoughts and views about being a Christian, a husband, a father and simply a human with struggles like everyone else.  Since this is a public forum, I won't be sharing too much detail and photos will be limited.  If we actually know each other, please make a friend request on facebook and you will be privy to my shared photo albums.
  4. Book Reviews
    Occasionally I am asked to read and review a web technology book that falls under my "area of expertise".
That's it for now.  I anticipate that my postings will be sporadic, sometimes a couple a week, sometimes a lag of a month or two, but I'll always come back eventually.

As always you can find my relevant links and contact me through

Thanks for reading! 

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